Dock Eco Lab 

Year long program of lunchbox sessions at Library at the Dock, Docklands (July 2017- June 2018).

These workshops explored ecological ideas through art. The aim of these workshops was to  create a richer, clearer understanding as to how to incorporate ecological knowledge into their everyday decision making processes, both at work and at home AND have a take home illustration of the ideas.

Themes included:

Food Webs  –Looking at what’s feeding the Food Cycle through drawing relationships in nature.

Symbiosis: How does collaboration lead to beneficial outcomes?

Evolution: How does the past and present shape the future?

Adaption: How has fire shaped plants?

Forest rain: Do Forests make Rain? Or does Rain make forests?

Biodiversity: Why is it actually important?

Ecosystem thinking: Looking at how systems interact together.

Linking urban ecology with the surrounding catchment: Which inhabitants need both the city and forest to survive

 Water ecology: Looking at who is supported by both, freshwater and marine ecosystems.

What is a resilient ecosystem?


Made possible with the support of City of Melbourne.